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/services-qlick-consultancy now also provides personal online coaching and training, without needing to be a client as such.


The training encompasses everything that I would normally offer, but is more focused on the teaching side of things, so that you can become an expert yourself over time.

Online coaching and training will be delivered over Skype only. So, no matter where you are in the world, this is the most efficient way to connect, collaborate and help. 


Google adwords Audit

1 - Account health check as well as highlighting opportunities and risks

2 - Analysing performances vs business specific KPI



1 - Actively implementing opportunities defined in the audit

2 - Reacting towards possible risks in the account


reporting & monitoring

1 - Monitoring post audit performances (if conducted)

2 - Defining multiple performance and pacing views (WoW, MoM, QoQ, YoY) 


Active optimisation

  1. Covers account optimisation on all levels

2 - Considers planning for the right bid strategy


strategic planning

1 - Considers macro environmental factors, seasonality, competitor landscape​

2 - Planning and forecasting growth rates by M/Q/Y via benchmark reporting 

There is a lot more to this. But this should give a good overview . If not drop me a line.

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